Karl Hab is an established photographer mostly based in Paris, France, when he isn’t traveling. An avid aviation and aircraft admirer, his work takes him around the globe frequently, where his passions in international fashion, street culture and travel are captured in his personal projects

A genuine globetrotter, he has been shooting for over ten years and has no intention of stopping anytime soon. He instinctively gravitates towards action.

His images show life in the French capital as it unfolds – from late nights strolling to early mornings gazing at tinned rooftops.

His appetite for design, illustration and the latest trends and lifestyle is insatiable. Always moving, Karl explores and captures the world with his collection of cameras, whether in the Hong Kong subway, elsewhere in the world, or with an aerial vantage point from planes or helicopters. His trips have taken him to the major destinations that shape our culture, such as London, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles.

As he travels, his vision adapts to capture each city’s unique character.

With a resolute precision, he can pinpoint a dynamic moment: The clean lines of a plane about to land; the speed of a city; or something as pure and simple as an ice cream cone on a hot day.

Known for his low-profile approach in the creative industry, the self-proclaimed “SNAKE EYES” prefers to keep his guise in the background as he captures the quiet beauty of his surroundings.

The essence of his style is not in how he photographs, but what he photographs.

No matter the subject, he has an innate sense for reimagining the ordinary: a glass of water, women’s high-heeled shoes, landscapes, street art, urban fashion and more.

A skilled artist who appreciates the beautiful and unexpected, Karl Hab is constantly finessing his eye for composition and style.

Alternately equipped with a smartphone or a digital camera, he can achieve the image he seeks.

His photos address familiar themes with a refreshingly exciting point of view.